Volga State University of Technology

Volga State University of Technology (Volgatech), with over 90 years of history, is a dynamic multi-level educational, research, and industrial complex that has been educating professionals at all levels, from qualified specialists and engineers to researchers and doctors of sciences.
The university comprises 4 institutes, 7 faculties, 2 branches, and 2 colleges. Volgatech’s infrastructure includes eight educational and laboratory buildings, 10 dormitories for students and staff, an information and library centre, a sports and recreation complex with a swimming pool and gyms, 11 food outlets, and a sports and recreation camp on Lake Yalchik.
As of today, over 9,000 students from more than 40 Russian regions and 20 countries are enrolled in Volgatech. Over 170 areas of training (specialities) delivered at Volgatech are based on advanced university science linked with the real economy. Research outcomes obtained by the leading university academic staff are included in the curricula that allow for advanced training in the most promising areas of economic development.
Dozens of all-Russian and international conferences, seminars, and academic contests are annually hosted by the University.
About 100,000 students have graduated from the university throughout its long history. Many of them took the top leadership positions in industrial, construction, forestry companies and associations, financial institutions, and line ministries.

The University cherishes its traditions, sets the most ambitious goals, implements challenging development programmes, and gains recognition in the international education market and research. Volgatech is not only an engineering institution; it is the platform for the self–fulfilment of a future young specialist in all fields.

Telephone:  +7 (8362) 45-53-44, +7 (8362) 68-68-62

WEB:  https://www.volgatech.net/

E-mail:  info@volgatech.net

Address:  3, Pl. Lenina, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El, Russia Postal code:424000